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The Ladies that UX Amsterdam Design Leadership event brings together folks leading design teams for a morning of learning, inspiration, and networking.
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Saturday, 16th of November
Why Design Leaders?

As the design practice evolves into a key strategic value for organisations, we want to foster a community where leaders can meet, get to know each other and exchange experiences. This event aims at giving  senior design practitioners  an inspiring and transformative experience in an intimate setting where they can share with their peers.

Ideal for

Senior- and lead-level practitioners and managers who want to influence, inspire, oversee design direction, and instil a culture of design within their organisations.
The event has a limited capacity of 50 participants only.

November 16

The importance of empathy in leadership

- How design leaders are uniquely positioned to foster a healthy environment through the same practices we use to solve design problems.
- How empathy can help diminish own biases
- Resolving conflict using empathy.
- Addressing the pitfall of ruinous empathy

Speakers & Facilitator

For this event we gathered a stellar line up of design entrepreneurs and leaders  to discuss and engage you in conversation about the importance, value and pitfalls of empathy in leadership. The panel moderator is our one and only Nadia Udalova, UX strategist, entrepreneur and designer.

Anne Vroegop
Founder UX Academy & UX Consultant

With more than 15 years of industry experience, Anne combines a strong mix of holistic UX leadership expertise with Concepting and Art Direction skills.
Anne often use web game principles to stimulate immersive interactions between commercial brands and customers. Having dealt with different environments and complexities, Anne remain focused and calm and always guide teams towards the most elegant solution.

Jamie Teresuk
Product, design and strategy leader

Jamie Teresuk has two decades of experience in tech and a background in design leadership, helping brands and products realize their full potential. Currently working as a Delivery Manager for Toptal, she directs multiple internationally distributed teams through product inception and discovery to delivery and beyond.  Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Jamie moved from Portland, Oregon, USA to Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2011, where she currently resides with her husband, son, and two furry felines.

Sevin Ozmen
UX Designer, Scrum Master and Life Coach

Yep, quite the blend. Yet one theme is central to all these roles: empathy. For the user, my team mates and of course my coaching clients. Empathy - if done right - can unlock so much potential and positivity. And this is my mission in life: creating positive impact. Let's talk!

Nadia Udalova
UX strategist, researcher, entrepreneur and designer

Nadia helps organizations to build and optimize design teams with a focus on all levels of work - from business strategy to hands-on designing.
During the last 9 years, Nadia went through a journey of focusing on the purely visual aspect of design - all the way to solving business problems through innovation and design thinking. Today Nadia is taking a role of UX Manager at GitLab working with a world-class team of Product Designers.

Melanie Gorka
Strategy Lead at

An inspired systems thinker & digital strategist with international experience, as such bringing a global and diverse perspective to projects. As a design leader Melanie coaches teams to pursue big goals while ensuring details are executed well. Her passion is making the world a better place, through social entrepreneurship, business and creative strategy for fortune 500+ companies, civic hacking, and human centered design.

Colman Walsh
Founder and CEO of the UX Design Institute

Colman Walsh is the founder and CEO of the UX Design Institute, a global leader in UX education and certification. He started his UX career in San Francisco in 1999, and has worked on blue-chip design projects in New York, London and Dublin.

11:00 — 11:30

Doors open

11:30 — 11:40

Intro LTUX and agenda

11:40 — 12:40

Moderated discussion

12:40 — 13:00

Q & A

13:00 — 14:30


Location & Format
Effectory, Singel 126-130
1015 AE Amsterdam
A moderated discussion with 5 panelists and a brunch

11:00 AM
Saturday, 16th of November
Join us!
Registration fee is € 17,50 it will help us to cover nice things such as mocktails and healthy food options.
We make refunds up to 5 days before the event. This is a not for profit event, LTUX Amsterdam is run 100% by volunteers.